Safari hotel Ceo Abid Gujar

CEO message

It gives me great pleasure to introduce Safari Hotel, a hotel that has established its name in the hospitality industry and continues to strive for excellence by providing excellent services. As CEO of Safari Hotel, I am thankful to all our customers who have made Safari what it is today and our expert staff that has worked day and night in helping Safari achieve the position it is at today.

At Safari, we measure our hotel performance based on customer satisfaction which is why for us customers are everything. With all the love and support that we have achieved from our customers, we wish to expand our operations further in future.We will put in all effort required to go to great heights and continue to provide quality based hospitality services to provide our customers a relaxing environment.

I am proud of all achievements we have made so far and applaud all those who have made it possible to bring Safari at the position it is now at.