Hotel Safari, Muslim Town Branch

Lahore is the second largest city of Pakistan has a lot of entertainment and staying facilities. There are many Hotels in Lahore and guesthouses in Lahore where people can stay at. Hotel Safari is among the best hotels in Lahore where you can come for a rejuvenating stay.

Hotel Safari is located at 7 different locations in Lahore with branches in Gulberg, Muslim Town, Township, Upper Mall, Johar Town , Airport and Jail road.  All our branches provide excellent hospitality services and are built in a way to provide maximum comfort.

When searching for hotels in Lahore, specifically hotels in Muslim Town, you will come across a branch of Hotel Safari. Hotel Safari is among the top rated Hotels in Muslim Town and provides comfortable accommodation. We have different categories of rooms available from single to double room. Besides this our hotel provides 24/7 room service and basic amenities such as WIFI facility.

Hotels in Lahore can be quite expensive but Hotel Safari located at Muslim Town has minimal rates for a nights stay. Over time we keep providing hotel discounts making it easier for people to avail our service.  It is among the cheap hotels in Lahore where you can get variety of services.  Hotels in Muslim Town also can be pricey but Safari is one that is reasonable.

Hotel Safari is your home away from home where you don’t have to worry about anything. The 24 hour available room service will ensure you get everything required without leaving your comfort zone. With a 4 start rating, Hotel Safari was founded to provide relaxing staying experiences. Due to its excellent hotel services, Hotel Safari Lahore has managed to increase clientele.

We also provide dining facilities for our customers; our Muslim Town branch consists of trained chefs who can make different cuisines.  Our cheap hotel prices don’t mean that the services we provide won’t be up to the mark. We set prices based on ease of customers and have a friendly staff on board. Booking a room at the safari hotel will not disappoint you in anyway. We are only a call away for your Safari Hotel booking.

Safari Hotel is your home away from with friendly staff present to assist you in every way possible. Why go anywhere else when Hotel Safari is present in Muslim Town Lahore for room booking.

Our Muslim Town branch is the best location because of the entertainment facilities present nearby. Hotels in Muslim Town have the advantage of nearby facilities such as cafes, restaurants and cinemas. If you book a room at Hotel Safari, Muslim Town branch you will have access to all this. Some of the traditional foods are also found here.  Make your staying experience even better by choosing Muslim Town Hotel Safari.

Head over now to get the best hospitality services and make your stay relaxing and rejuvenating. Hotel Safari will provide you with services and relaxation at a lower expense.  Choosing a stay at Safari Muslim Town hotel is a two way ticket towards a comfortable stay and entertainment.